Why should your pool be heated by solar power?

Your pool should be heated by solar power as it uses free energy directly from the sun to heat the water. Solar heating is one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods to heat your swimming pool to a warm and comfortable temperature.

How is the pool heated by solar?

Cold water is pumped up to the roof using the existing pool pump. It is then heated by the solar panels and the warm water is returned back into the pool. This means that energy straight from the sun, heats the pool water for free.

The circulation process continues the entire day which in turn heats the swimming pool water to a more desirable temperature. The existing pool pump is used so there no additional costs are incurred. Most installations take less than 6 hours, and you can feel the warm water flowing back into your pool immediately.

house with large swiming pool and solar panels

Benefits of pool heated by solar

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Quiet
  3. Save on energy
  4. Swimming season can extended due to the warmer water
  5. Low maintenance

Which solar panels should be used?

There are three types of solar panels to be considered when heating your pool with solar.

Solid panel with strips or monolithic panels РThese panels usually have strong heat ratings at midday when the sun is directly overhead.  However their performance is reduced when the sun is at an angle. Monolithic panels are often the cheapest solar option due to their low production costs. But due to the design, they do need more maintenance than other panels.

Individual tube panels – These panels are slightly more expensive than monolithic panels, but they have several advantages. These panels require very little maintenance and they can also be placed anywhere on a house. The clamps allows them to be attached to rooftops, porches, or even the ground.

Glazed or non-glazed – This will depend on where you live and the temperatures experienced in your area. Non glazed panels are for areas with warmer temperatures. Glazed panels are for colder climates or higher temperature needs.

swiming pool heated by solar panel


Your pool heated with solar power could just be the beginning. Consider your whole household running on alternative energy, or even living completely off the grid.