The Future of our Planet Begins now

The world is changing, we all know this and it terrifies some and underwhelms others. The biggest thing that has to change is the way that we are treating our planet. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to change the fuel we use to run the planet – fossil fuels.

We all know that the world is run on fossil fuels; they heat our home, they run our cars and they provide our electricity, there are very few things that are not run on fossil fuels. This is the major factor that we need to change if we are going to continue to have a beautiful Planet… the only Planet capable of sustaining life. We need to start making changes to ensure a clean and sufficient planet is left behind for our children, this is where renewable energy will come to the front. The faster countries, governments, companies and even communities realise that with solar energy we can change the world the better.

Did you know that if the USA changed all of its roads to solar panels (read the blog below) they would be making three times more energy than they are using? That means that not only will there be excess energy but it will also reduce the cost of electricity (which addresses two of the problems we are having in South Africa).

Ask yourself, what kind of tomorrow do you want to leave your children? At NSE we believe that we all need to take pride in our planet and ensure a better tomorrow starting today.

Youth Day is upcoming in South Africa on the 16th of June, we should all take this day to think about the kind of Planet we are wanting to leave behind when we are gone.