Solar solutions for businesses in Africa.

Having completed a variety of unique & innovative installations across the continent, NSE is backed by their diverse and qualified portfolio of projects. We can confidently offer our clients a unique design catered to their specific energy needs.


For remote locations across Africa with little to no grid access, Microgrid solutions will help businesses save money with clean energy, sustainably. These sites usually run off diesel generators with operational expenses that can run as high as $0.5/kWh. NSE’s micro-grid solutions convert the site to run predominantly off renewable energy, saving large amounts of diesel and carbon emissions.

Grid - Tied

For sites connected to the national grid, where power is supplied either through the national utility or local municipalities, a grid-tied system is an applicable solution to help businesses save money sustainably. These sites typically have high daytime power demands and are looking to supplement their energy supply with rooftop solar solutions, thereby offsetting a large portion of their monthly energy bill.


Let NSE become your solar power partner. Solar finance from NSE allows businesses to save money on electrical energy with no upfront costs. With a solar finance option from NSE, we engineer, procure, construct, and maintain the full system on your site, owned and managed by NSE. With solar finance, your business will only pay a fee based on the amount of electricity used during the month. The benefit of this service is getting to enjoy both the financial and sustainable advantages of renewable energy without the liability or re-sponsibility of running or maintaining a system.

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