Solar power advice, what you need to know

Why thorough planning and development is the best solar power advice

There is no doubt that solar power is central to energy independence and will play a tremendous role in the future of business on the African continent. Energy is key to economic growth and enabling markets to reach their full potential. At the onset, solar power advice is an important step of the process as a business embarks on a journey toward being powered by the sun.

The best solar power advice one can give is to undertake careful and thorough planning. This is what is known as the development stage. At New Southern Energy, we provide comprehensive development services to deliver your projects from concept to reality. Each site is unique, and so is each solar plant. Ensuring that the system that we build is rooted in solar power advice, years of learning and experience will ensure that your system delivers maximum efficiency and excellent returns.

Our team of professionals deliver long term solutions that meet your unique business requirements. With our expertise and proven track record, with our solar power advice, we guide you through the entire development process, ensuring successful project completion.

Our array of Development Services encompasses:

Preliminary Assessments and Site Evaluation

We start each project with thorough feasibility studies and site assessments to gauge the suitability of solar solutions for your location. Our analysis factors in elements like geographical positioning, market demand, regulatory prerequisites, local electricity tariffs, solar radiation exposure, and environmental impact, which are all pivotal in determining project viability.

Conceptualization and Planning

Collaborating closely with you, and leaning into solar power advice, we craft a well-defined vision and conceptual framework for your system. Our seasoned architects and engineers translate your concepts into pragmatic and aesthetically pleasing designs. We incorporate various facets, encompassing functionality, appearance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness into this process.

Compliance Facilitation and Regulatory Navigation

Maneuvering through the intricate system of permits and regulations is imperative to deliver a solar project to fruition. We lead you through the regulatory process, ensuring adherence to all local, regional, and national regulatory frameworks, providing solar advice every step of the way. Our team manages all of the required paperwork, environmental assessments, and stakeholder interactions with efficiency.

Financial Structuring and Economic Evaluation

Securing solar project finance is as a pivotal step in the development journey. We aid in identifying suitable financing solutions, crafting financial models, and conducting thorough economic evaluations to ascertain project viability. Our proficiency in financial planning and risk analysis facilitates optimal investment strategies and fosters investor interest. One of the key benefits of solar energy is predictable financial models, which your business will benefit from, together with our team’s solar power advice.

Construction Supervision and Management

Upon project approval, we offer comprehensive solar EPC services. Our adept project managers oversee all construction activities, ensuring adherence to schedules, budgets, site-specific requirements, and quality benchmarks. We collaborate closely with contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors to ensure seamless project execution.

Transition Management and Post-Development Support

Smooth transition from the construction handover to the operational phase is ensured through our meticulous handover processes. Our team facilitates final inspections, commissioning procedures, and quality assurance checks. Additionally, we extend post-development support to address any operational hurdles and safeguard the sustained success of your project.

The basis of solid solar power advice

Excellent solar power advice is based on a few attributes, all of which are commanded by our team.

Proficiency and Track Record

Drawing upon over a decade of commercial and industrial solar experience, we’ve successfully executed numerous solar systems ventures across various sectors, from hospitality and healthcare, to manufacturing and retail. Our team’s expertise and profound understanding equip us to navigate intricate challenges, engage with intricate electricity infrastructures, and offer inventive resolutions.

View some of our successfully completed solar systems here.

Tailored Solutions

Recognizing the uniqueness of each site and solar system, our development services are customized to your specific needs and objectives. We collaborate closely with you to ensure our solutions harmonize with your vision, financial parameters, and project timeline. Whether your system is grid tied or off-grid, you can be assured that the bespoke system will meet your energy needs for many years to come.

Emphasis on Sustainability and Ingenuity

Sustainability is as a cornerstone of our ethos, driving us to integrate green and energy-efficient principles into our designs. Our dedication to innovation empowers us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that elevate project efficacy and contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Cultivating Robust Partnerships

At the core of our philosophy lies the belief in forging robust partnerships with our clients, service providers, and stakeholders. We value transparent communication, foster collaboration, and uphold openness throughout the development journey, fostering a constructive and mutually advantageous alliance.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Your satisfaction stands as our key objective. We pledge to deliver top-tier projects punctually and within budgetary confines. Our client-centric approach, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering pursuit of excellence ensure not only meeting but surpassing your expectations.

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