Solar Panel Roads

When we think of the future most of us have started to think negatively about the planet and what humankind is doing to our home, but there are still some believers out there who believe that they can make a difference to the world and they are doing everything possible to change it. Take Scott and Julie Brusaw who live in Idaho in the United States, they have created a company that could change the world as we know it.

They have created the first prototype “solar panel roads” – this will replace all conventional tar roads, sidewalks, drive ways, bike paths and parking lots. This will not only create jobs in whatever country it is brought into, but it will also increase road safety with its built in LED system that can inform drivers of any accidents that may be ahead or any other obstructions in the road.

South Africa can really benefit from something like this with its current energy shortages and problematic power plants. Imagine the roads you are driving on bringing electricity to the country, this would drop the raising electricity prices and provide safe roads for all to travel on. With the introduction of this into our country there would also be an increase in jobs in this new sector, new skills to be learnt and the solar panels only have to be replaced when faulty, you can merely remove one and fix it (there are never potholes to deal with).

The future of this country and this world lie with Solar Power, make sure that you check out our website here: