Solar Panel Prices in South Africa

Solar panel prices will depend largely on the quantity needed and the area they will need to cover. Because of South Africa’s sunny weather, solar power provides an ideal source of energy that can be converted into electricity. Many homeowners are researching solar power due to the erratic supply of energy on Eskom’s part. Even though the initial set up costs are high, experts say solar panel prices should not deter you as it can save homeowners and businesses thousands of rands in the long term.

Where to begin?

Before making any decisions when it comes to solar panels, first do your research, recommends David Masureik, CEO of New Southern Energy. He says “While using cheap solar panels may seem like an advantage at first, it may actually be the downfall of getting people to transition permanently to renewable energy. Cheap solar panels are not as durable which could potentially make people transition back to nuclear energy. Research all possible solar panel prices.”

What are the Solar Panel Prices?

The larger the building, the more energy will be needed to power it. The price of solar panels and the cost of the installation therefore depends on on the size of the house and electrical output requirements.

It is estimated that an average size house would require approximately 2kW of power per day and this would cost about R60 000 to power whereas a much larger house that requires more power could cost up to R200 000 to power.

Of course, each household, will have different needs. A professional supplier will provide accurate costs for installation.

solar panels prices
Solar Panels Prices

Tips for buying solar panels:

  1. Recommendations
  2. Manufacturers warranty
  3. Realistic price expectations
  4. Type of panels
  5. Solar panel certifications
  6. Mounting of solar panels
  7. Inverter efficiency

Of course, the debate is whether paying the price of solar panels is truly worth it. However, load shedding is a fact that all South Africans need to face. Because of this, the convenience of relying of sunshine, rather than relying on Eskom to supply electricity means that solar energy is a much more sustainable alternative.

For information on solar panels prices and installation costs, contact New Southern Energy.