Solar energy the cure to load shedding

South Africa is in an electricity crisis, fossil fuels are demanding a lot from the environment and the cure for load shedding is renewable and sustainable energy.
Realistically, our country is in a bad state when it comes to dealing with load shedding. As a result, fossil fuels are polluting the environment, they’re a cause for a lot of health issues and they’re unsustainable for the future.
For over five years load shedding has been an issue in South Africa, in fact, it has been such a habit that the people have decided to unwillingly accept it as a norm.
Why accept load shedding, when there are plenty of options out here?
The age of fossil fuels is fast becoming out-dated. More schools in the rural areas are receiving solar powered electricity by the minute; we’re saying goodbye to studying under trees with no electricity or a rooftop. The time of studying under a candle because of load shedding is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Solar energy companies are fast introducing methods to help sectorial municipalities counter-part load shedding issues, in several areas of the Eastern Cape and parts of the Western Cape.
In many rural areas, electricity had been nothing but a dream, until solar energy came along to change this into reality. The introduction of solar energy in parts of the Transkei, King Williams Town and the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal in the Eastern Cape, are now endorsing a positive change of electricity as an everyday item. Solar panels have been introduced in communities, schools and workplaces in order for homes to have warm water, schools to have a rooftop and light, and renovation all over.
Solar energy has not only improved the electricity consumption in a lot of areas, but it has also encouraged young scholars to have a reason to attend school. Sometimes the problem is not with the education, but the environment the education is taught at, meaning, the concept of education is not only about the opening of a book by a teacher, but also creating an energetic environment that encourages the learner to look forward to tomorrow.
Health is a sector that has improved since the introduction of solar energy. Pollution is a rare topic when it comes to solar energy, it’s indeed environmentally friendly.
In South Africa, the government is aware of the issues solar energy has cured and may cure in the future, nonetheless, they’re insisting on not making it the main electricity supplier. In fact, SA’s planning to build another nuclear power station…
If you’d open a new browser and search for the importance of solar energy and the considerations of solar energy on Google, you’d realize that it’s a much more sustainable and a reliable source of energy than fossil fuels. Technology has paved a great way for renewable energy, in particular, solar energy.
We’ve got all the resources we need to end load shedding; we’ve got all the resources we need to change the world. Let’s innovate for a greener environment, think smart and think solar, it’s the right way for you, your business and the next generation.
Let’s blossom into an energy saving country, sustainable and renewable towards a greener future.

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