Site Assessment


A free initial site assessment is conducted to determine if your project is feasible. Site assessments are the foundation upon which all subsequent stages are built. Working with experienced NSE energy professionals will substantially save in development capital. Our client-centric approach starts with a frank conversation to identify project goals and expectations.

Once we know where you want to end up, we can customize our approach to get you there.
Sites are assessed using careful evaluation criteria taking various technical, financial, operational, licensing, and other administrative factors into account.

Initial Assessment

A free initial assessment includes:

  • Electricity bill analysis
  • System sizing based on roof availability
  • Energy modeling & system performance simulation
  • System pricing
  • Indicative saving and ROI calculations
  • Notice to proceed (NTP) agreement

Detailed Assessment

Should a positive feasibility be identified an NTP will be concluded in order to move forward with a detailed assessment. A detailed assessment will include:

  • Site metering & load profile determination
  • Energy modeling, shading & performance simulation
  • Final system sizing & pricing
  • Savings & ROI calculations (performance guarantees)
  • Roof structure analysis
  • Licensing & regulatory assessment
  • Drafting and finalisation of contractual agreement