Rooftop Solar: Is it a good investment?

Are you thinking of investing in rooftop solar? This is becoming more popular as an energy source. This lessens your dependence on the national grid by using sun power captured by solar panels on your roof. You can power your home or business. You’ll save money and help the environment.

Previously, rooftop solar for your home was considered impossible. However, new technology has made this accessible. Not only that. You now have several options. Additionally, it will save you money on electricity.

Rooftop Solar

What is rooftop solar?

Rooftop solar is sun power captured by photovoltaic (PV) panels on your roof. They can also be placed in the yard in order to capture the sun’s rays. Thereafter, they convert it to electricity. These panels generate approximately 10 watts per square foot.  Depending on your latitude and the orientation of your panels, you can potentially generate more. Various factors influence this.

You must calculate the right size for your home. Do your calculations. Work out what you need. An average household consumes about 900 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month. This varies for businesses, depending on requirements.

How long do rooftop solar panels last?

 The lifespan of these solar panels varies. However, it is usually between 25 – 30 years. This doesn’t mean they stop working. It means that their productivity has declined significantly. Over their lifetimes, solar panels degrade very slowly. In time, they may produce less electricity. However, if so, this happens very gradually.

In order to avoid this, invest in high quality panels. In general, they are durable. Buy from a reputable company. Use accredited installers. Check the guarantee or warranty that is in place.  Do your research.

Solar panels seldom break. They never move. Risks that can cause damage are treacherous storms, wind or flying debris. This usually only happens on exceptional circumstances.

Who benefits from rooftop solar?

Rooftop solar will save you on electricity. Prices vary according to the quantity needed and the area they need to cover. Most homeowners recoup their outlay within a few years through lower electric bills. Some recoup even sooner than this.

This source of power is also highly beneficial to the environment. It makes your property more independent, while reducing your area’s overall electricity needs.

Rooftop Solar illustration


The efficiency of your rooftop solar panels can also be maximised. This explains how much of the sun’s energy the panel can convert into electricity. Let’s explain this. A 17% efficiency means that it converts 17% of the sunshine hitting it into electricity.  The average efficiency for these panels is 15 – 18%. However, these panels can reach up to 23%.

Naturally, environmental factors play a role. Shade, cloud cover, trees and even temperatures can affect this negatively. Take this into account when planning.

Is it a good investment?

In almost all cases, it is an excellent investment. The prices of rooftop solar panels have gone down. However, the capacity of these panels has gone up. These metrics work in your favour. Hence, it makes sense to install as many panels as you can. This would be according to your needs.