Renewables worldwide and your business

The current state of affairs: Renewables worldwide and your business
More money was spent on renewables in 2015 than any year before; the technology is being enhanced, cost of production coming down and public awareness of the value increasing. That said there are still many challenges, possibly the one that tops the list is storage.
After the historical agreement in Paris, where the world at large met and agreed on that renewable need to be the way forward as a mainstream means of world power production. In 2015 many of the major economic nations made commitments to grow the access to renewable energy.

Countries from all over the world agreed focus on reducing the global temperature or at least trying to keep the temp under 2 degrees above where it should be.
The cold hard facts are that there is still so much more to be done, with only 19.2% of the global power requirements being met through renewables.

On the bright side, there has been significant growth in the amount of power year on year being added to the grid from renewables and should that growth continue the reliance of fossil fuels will decrease.

For many businesses the move to Solar is a long term and wise investment, not only for the planet but in their own future. As business owner, ‘going solar’ may seem like a risky move, the market is full of fly by night and ‘cheap’ deals. These deals can be misleading. You may be thinking that in the future, you will get round to it, well we are here to tell you that NOW is that time.

Solar is an investment, one that will start paying for itself in due course, based on your scale and requirements, but an investment non-the-less.

The initial outlay of capital to have quality solar panels and system setup has dropped dramatically over the past 5 years.

There are many other benefits beyond the reduced price.

The security of your business in times where the price of electricity seems to keep going up, loadshedding and the tough economic times.

Each of these factors on their own are reason enough to consider implementing a solar installation for your business.