Solar as a Viable Source of Energy for Mining

Solar as a Viable Source of Energy for Mining

Certain mining operations have unusual demand when it comes to power supply and a secure source of energy. There are many companies that are now powering mining operations by using solar as the main source of energy. There is no doubt that this source of energy avoids extra costs, and it helps to minimize the environmental impact.

Reliability of the Source of Energy

Most mines operate round the clock, so the mining operators would expect constant availability and high reliability from the various power systems. Most mining operations use about 90% annual load. Solar plants are able to store a lot of solar energy and can also generate steam. These power plants can work well in isolation and are capable of providing services without any problems. The best part is that you do not have to depend on natural gas or diesel as a source of energy. If you are carrying out mining operations in remote places it may be difficult to transport fuel. Natural gas can also turn out to be expensive.

Solar in the Mining Industry

Certain companies that provide solar energy as the source of energy to the mining industry can integrate fossil fuel, photovoltaic panels and CSP seamlessly. So you see that if you do avail this technology you are able to power your operations and cut costs substantially. The CSP technology used in mining operations can offer 90% capacity factor. To achieve 100% you may consider using some fossil fuel. This is by far the most cost effective way to power mining operations. If you run a small mining operation then you could consider using PV to the infrastructure to bring down the cost even further and also cut down on the emission of Co2 and you will also no longer depend on the usage of diesel.

Facts about Power for Mining

There are many companies out there that provide solar energy as a source of energy to power mining operations but not all of them are reliable. You have to be very cautious about the company you decide to hire. Make sure you will do a perfect research on the internet consult technicians on which company would be good.

A reliable company will utilize the molten salt technology to provide the uninterrupted power supply to you. The use of the source of energy derived from the sun will compel you to cut down on the usage of fuel so your operations will no longer be affected by the fluctuating fuel prices. A small operation can use a bit of fuel for the operation but a big mining operation can use solar energy to the fullest. So if you hire a good company you can expect a consistent supply of power.

Facts about Source of Energy

There is no doubt that the sun is able to generate huge source of energy and it is used not only to power homes and appliances but the mining industry is making good use of it. The mining operators will no longer have to depend on the other sources of energy.