Kinondo Kwetu Medical Centre

Eastern Africa


Kinondo Kwetu medical centre was established in November 2008, to meet the strong need for basic health care, treatment of malaria, HIV, TB, parasites, ante-natal care, deliveries, childcare, vaccinations and health information in the area. Prior to this, the people in the Kinondo villages did not have affordable access to healthcare other that the services provided by traditional healers. The clinic has now developed into a level 4 hospital, meaning that various surgeries can now be undertaken done at the facility, with approximately 100 people employed. New Southern Energy constructed a grid-tied solar system to displace utility energy during sunlight hours, lower operating costs and ensure that the operations of the hospital can continue uninterrupted throughout the day.
IBR Railed - Rooftop
31.08 kWp PV Solar
Renewable %:

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