Du Roi Labs


Founded in 1994, the Du Roi Laboratory is in Letsitele in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The main business of Du Roi Laboratory involves the production and distribution of elite selections and disease-free tissue culture plants, with a focus on the banana and sugarcane industry. Since its establishment, Du Roi Laboratory has been merged into a holding company, ANB Investments, and has become a global business with a strong local market and a list of some of the biggest international clients in the fruit business.

As a part of the company’s greater sustainability strategy for their future, Du Roi Labs opted to reduce both their electrical bill and their carbon footprint by utilising the available sun energy. Therefore, a grid-tied photo-voltaic solar energy system was provided for the client. Synchronising with the existing diesel generator, the solar system will supply the facility to offset the fuel consumption during load shedding and power outages.

The solar system will supply the facility with renewable energy, enabling them to achieve their goals for a greener future, as well as help them to save on OPEX.


Grid Tied




145.8 kWp

Renewable %

Renewable % is the percentage from which energy is generated by renewable energy resources
25 – 30%