Private Networks

At New Southern Energy, we specialize in providing comprehensive private electricity network solutions for commercial and industrial developments. Our expertise in designing, implementing, and managing private electricity networks allows us to offer tailored solutions that ensure reliable, efficient, and cost-effective electricity distribution within your premises.

Our Private Electricity Network Solutions

Design and Engineering
Our team of skilled engineers works closely with you to design a private electricity network that meets your specific requirements. We assess your electricity demands, load profiles, and calculate future growth projections to develop a network design that optimizes energy distribution and minimizes losses. We factor in safety regulations and compliance standards to ensure a secure and reliable network.
Network Infrastructure
We provide a comprehensive range of network infrastructure solutions for your private electricity network. This includes the installation of transformers, switchgear, distribution panels, cabling, and metering equipment. Our team ensures that the infrastructure is designed and installed to meet your electricity demand and accommodate future expansion needs.
Grid Connection and Synchronization
If your private electricity network is connected to the grid, we handle all the necessary grid connection and synchronization procedures. Our experts coordinate with electricity suppliers such as Eskom or municipalities to ensure a seamless connection, compliance with grid codes, and seamless synchronization with the national grid. This enables efficient energy exchange and access to grid services when needed.
Energy Management and Metering
We offer advanced energy management and metering solutions for private electricity networks. Our systems enable accurate measurement and monitoring of energy consumption, allowing you to optimize energy usage, identify areas of improvement, and implement energy-saving strategies. Real-time data and analytics help you make informed decisions for energy efficiency and cost optimization.
Maintenance and Support
We provide ongoing operations and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your private electricity network. Our online monitoring platform detects any irregularities or faults that need attention. Our technicians conduct regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting to detect and address any issues promptly. Our responsive support team is available to assist you with any network-related queries or emergencies.
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Integration
We prioritize energy efficiency and support the integration of renewable energy sources within private electricity networks. Our solutions include the implementation of energy management systems, demand response strategies, and the integration of solar PV systems, battery storage, or other renewable energy technologies. This helps reduce energy costs, carbon emissions, and reliance on conventional grid electricity.

Why Leverage Our Private Electricity Network Solutions?

Expertise and Experience
With years of experience in the renewable energy industry, we have a deep understanding of private electricity networks and their unique requirements. Our team of professionals possesses extensive knowledge in network design, infrastructure, and management, ensuring the delivery of reliable and efficient solutions.
Customized Approach
We understand that each project has its own specifications and objectives. Our private electricity network solutions are customized to your specific needs, considering factors such as load demands, site conditions, budget, and future expansion plans. We work closely with you to design a solution that aligns with your organisation’s goals and requirements.
Quality and Safety
We prioritize quality and safety in all aspects of our private electricity network solutions. We use high-quality equipment and components from trusted manufacturers, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the network infrastructure. Our installations adhere to industry standards and comply with safety regulations, providing you with a secure and efficient electrical system.
Our solutions are designed to be cost-effective, offering long-term operational savings, high efficiency and optimized energy usage. Through efficient network design, load management strategies, and the integration of energy-saving technologies, we help you reduce electricity costs and achieve a predictable return on your investment.
Customer Support and Collaboration
We prioritize customer satisfaction and collaboration. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional client support throughout the project, from design to implementation and ongoing maintenance. We prioritize open communication, transparency, and timely responsiveness to ensure a smooth and successful partnership.

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