List of renewable energy trends in 2020

Here are some renewable energy trends

To fulfill the demand of the industries and residence the renewable energy has become important. Without these, the people may have to face the darkness in the earth. Therefore, to run the setup successfully it is very important to devise such methods that can help to fulfill the demand for energy in the country. For this reason, energy generating companies are using new methods to get renewable energy.

In African countries, according to the reports, the electrification pace was three times more in 2012 as compared to the last ten years. While 2014 the electrification is surpassing population growth. According to African energy forum, about 57% African population do not have the facility of electricity,

To bridge this gap the industries are making effort and are trying to lighten up the whole continent. Some of the latest trends that electric supply companies are now going to use this year in order to cut the energy cost are:


1. Energy blockchain utilization

These days there are reports that blockchain will revolutionize energy in African countries. These countries are facing an excess shortage of energy

For example, Nigeria is facing about 173,000MW and its overall energy need is about 180,000MV. Therefore, renewable energy has become the focal point and targeting universal access to energy until 2030.
The companies are devising new techniques and off these, the blockchain technology is on top of the list. Just like in the world, the blockchain trend can Africa in African countries. It can record all transaction through peer to peer network. It will receive and convey all information that will create a positive effect on the energy system. The company will buy and sell the energy source through blockchain technology

2. Battery Storage Program

It is the two-phase program in which the company will start the 800-megawatt energy and will complete until the end of plays a key role in balancing the energy power supply. The batteries are a powerful source to provide renewable energy and best for both residences as well as the grid-wide scale. The studies show that energy storage will be the key component for other renewable types of energies. It will be advantageous regarding cost as well. It will help in generating electricity at less cost and give people an affordable energy source

3. Microgrid in trend this year

Another reusable energy source that African electricity supply companies are going to use is the microgrid system. Even entrepreneurs are using this technique to help African countries to meet energy demand. The microgrids don’t need fossil fuels to work rather relies on solar or wind energy therefore, provide the electricity in a cost-effective manner

The use of the microgrid has been now seen in various islands of Africa like Ascension Island where the wind is being used for the microgrid and generating 1650 KW while in Equatorial Guinea about 5MV is generated through solar energy. While in South Africa gas diesel is used to operate the microgrid. Therefore, this cost-effective means of producing the energy is getting in trend to provide electricity to Africans at a low price

4. Cost reduction through grid parity

The solar energy has been widely using in the African countries as it is effective as we as budget friendly. Solar energy has reached parity in performance along with the less price. The large top-down and centrally distributed energy will be exchanged with the modular, consumer-driven and the even power distribution. It is reported that renewables sources will be a powerful source to strengthen grid reliability and increase its efficiency

5. Work on climate emissions

Due to an increase in pollution and in return increase in temperature of the African countries the organizations are working to cut the emissions due to the abrupt climatic conditions. The emissions are due to energy, transport, and waste. Therefore, the management will take action according to the percentage of emission to make the environment safe to live and to reduce the overall temperature of the location

6. Working on new energy resources

In order to meet the countries, demand electricity, the companies are bringing innovation and trying to adopt new strategies so that every African get the power source in a budget. Therefore, the African organizations are trying to use new renewable energy resources. Along with microgrid, there will be seen the trend of off-grid and grid technology. The companies will invest and bring new electricity technologies so that all African countries enjoy electrical facilities

The government, financers, blockchain experts and industrialists are now collaborating to devise latest renewable energy trends to provide electricity to 600 million people living without electrical supply in Africa. They will cut carbon emission, bring blockchain and microgrid technology along with work on new energy technologies to facilitate people of Africa with energy resources at a low price


Renewable energy is the ideal of the 21st century, owning to the damage non-renewable energy is having on the environment, coupled with the fact that they are depleting. Renewable energy in Africa is set to take Africa by a storm, and it’s started already.

  • Energy blockchain utilization
  • Battery Storage Program
  • Microgrid in trend this year
  • Cost reduction through grid parity
  • Work on climate emissions
  • Working on new energy resources