Saving Electricity in Winter in South Africa

Saving Electricity & Saving Money

In June to August, South Africa reaches its coldest temperature. Although snow rarely falls down, South Africa has freezing temperature at night in the winter season. During the winter, we tend to use our electric temperature heater regularly. We even spend more time with any other electric devices, just like TV, computer and mobile phone. The chill air may lead you just to stay at home and enjoy more time with family. Meanwhile, we have to pay more for our electricity bill in the winter. Let’s learn saving electricity in winter in South Africa.

Change from a regular geyser to a solar geyser

This will reduce electric geyser usage for heating water, think of all the electricity you are using when your geyser is heating up. This is usually largest appliance in the home, switching to a solar powered heater will dramatically cut down the cost of your electricity.

Check the insulation of your house for saving electricity

Did you know that poor insulation is the main source of thermal heat loss in homes in RSA? Good insulation will keep warm air in the home and cold air outside, reducing energy needed to heat. Consider getting someone in to look at your insulation – it may be an expense this winter, but it will save you money in the many winters you will be having in your house.

Change your regular heater into saving energy heater

One of the main needs during the winter is surely the electric heater. However, this equipment is also the main reason of your expensive electricity bill. Temperature heater is not only used just for one or two hours, but you may use it all the time during the winter. So, let’s think about your old electric heater. Check how much the wattage that it’s used. You can consider installing an energy saving electric heater with thermostats.

Apply the electric heater only in family room

As explained above, electric heater consumes more energy than any other devices during the winter. So, be wise in usage. One way to save electricity in the winter is by applying just one heater in a house. The best place that probably suitable is the family room. The winter gives the chance to make the family members staying together. Rather than applying electric heater in each private room, it’s better to install a heater in your living room. Through this way, you can save energy and enjoy your quality time with your family.

Warm the bed with electric blanket

For your comfort bed time during the cold temperature, you can use electric blanket to make your bed warmer. You don’t have to switch it on all the night. You can just turn it on for a moment, just about two hours before your sleep time. Then, you can switch the electric blanket off to save the electricity and have a nice bed time.

In the day, South Africa may have the sun shining brightly in the winter. Contrast to the day, the temperature significantly reduces into freezing at night. This condition triggers the increasing of electricity usage. So, we hope that some tips above can be your alternative reference of saving money during the winter.