Welcome to New Southern Energy,

Your trusted partner in solar energy across Africa for over decade.

Harness the power of the sun and join the renewable energy revolution. As a leading independent power producer (IPP), we specialize in developing, owning, and operating solar power plants that provide clean and sustainable energy solutions. We also offer our engineering, procurement and construction) (EPC) and operations & maintenance (O&M) services to third parties that wish to own systems directly.

We help unlock solar simply

Whether your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint, to commit to improved sustainability or to save costs, New Southern Energy helps make solar simple by providing expertise in every stage of the process.

Our Solutions

As an Independent Power Producer, New Southern Energy manages a portfolio of solar systems with off-takers enjoying full service renewable energy. Additionally, we provide clean energy through both microgrid and grid-tied photovoltaic solar systems to organizations wishing to invest in their own power production solutions.

Energy Planning

Our renewable energy solutions provide an alternative to your traditional electricity supplier. These solutions achieve significant financial savings while also off-setting carbon. Backup power can be added to provide energy security and eliminate load shedding from operations.

Solar & Storange

With new legislation in place, South African IPP’s are now able to generate power off site and wheel that power through the Eskom network. This power gets offset against one’s current bill through the prescribed wheeling framework. A wheeling Power Purchasing Agreement allows for a larger portion of one’s energy demand to be supplied through cheaper cleaner energy.

EPC / O & M

We assess and design the consolidation of your internal electrical infrastructure to not only allow for maximum renewable energy penetration and backup power solutions but to also improve the efficiency in how you use power.



With over 50MW installed, our systems are designed and constructed to the highest standards to ensure optimal performance over the project lifecycle. Our advanced digital asset management platform allows full visibility into your investment’s performance so you are able track your system’s output in real time.

More than 50 Mw Installed

Across Africa

Accelerating the adoption of renewable energy through a distributed approach.


There are several ways to finance your solar system. One can traditionally do so through direct capital investment (DCI) using cash or bank finance (NSE is an approved vendor with all major banks). Alternatively, NSE can facilitate renewable energy financing through our own energy fund  powered by our highly competent group of international investors.

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