Going Green Can Help Cut Costs

Never has environmental issues been so much at the forefront of the public’s mind. It is widely accepted that time is of the essence regarding curbing the harmful effects man-made activity has had on the environment in recent times. This is why we’ve seen a significant increase in recycling and other ‘green’ initiatives, as we attempt to cut down on needless waste and start to respect the planet more seriously.

However, there is another splendid reason to consider going green. At a time when the world’s economic climate is also experiencing somewhat of a downturn, more and more individuals are looking at ways to cut out needless financial waste, thereby making the most of the money that they do have; and going green is a good way of achieving this.

For example, walking from A to B rather than driving not only saves money on petrol and other car-related costs, but it also helps to cut the harmful carbon emissions that are widely considered to be detrimental to the health of the planet.

Many businesses in Africa are getting in on the act too, through developing environmental policies that are designed to minimize any damage they may consequently carry out, as a result of their day-to-day operations. This may involve anything from running paper recycling schemes, to the active discouragement of printing anything to paper; the digital age has better-enabled businesses indeed to operate paperless offices.

However, this only forms a small part of the solution. Increasingly, companies of all sizes are introducing restrictive flying policies that limit the amount of flying they can do on business trips. In the situations where there is no option but to fly, they can offset their carbon emissions by making additional financial contributions to one of the many ‘green’ initiatives that have been established to help combat climate change.

There are many far simpler steps that a company can take to ensure that they not only assist the ecosystem but save money too. For example, by providing all computing equipment is turned off when not in use can save a tangible amount of money over the course of a year, as well as helping to preserve the planet’s energy resources. What’s more, by encouraging the use of email communication over traditional mail and faxing, this will help save a fabulous deal of money on paper wastage.

In Africa, it is well known that green businesses that choose to cut down on needless waste go a long way towards fulfilling their environmental obligations. At a time when many organizations are starting to feel the effects of the global financial crisis, this acts as a timely reminder that cutting out on waste helps to reduce the costs too.
Consider the shift from non-renewable to renewable energy, solar and wind energy, it’s the right way to go for your business.