There are several ways to finance your solar system. One can traditionally do so through direct capital investment (DCI) using cash or bank finance (NSE is an approved vendor with all major banks). Alternatively, NSE can supply renewable energy through our own energy fund  powered by our highly competent group of international investor.

PPA - Power Purchase Agreement (On-Site)

A PPA enables one to enter into an agreement with NSE to buy the power produced from the system at a reduced rate to one’s current tariff. The solar system will be constructed on your site, providing an affordable clean energy solution at no upfront costs. This approach is beneficial for organizations seeking the benefits of solar without wishing to invest the upfront capital. Additionally, the operations, maintenance and performance risk of the system is covered under the PPA.

PPA - Power Purchase Agreement (Wheeling)

With new legislation in place, IPP’s are now able to generate power from a central location and wheel that power through the Eskom network to a private off taker. NSE has developed sites to allow for this offsite generation and supply. A wheeling PPA with NSE allows for a larger portion of one’s energy demand to be supplied through cheaper cleaner energy.

*New Southern Energy offers both PPA options to qualifying clients, subject to an evaluation process and feasibility study achieving certain requirements.