Installing a solar power plant is one the best investments that you can make for your business. Not only will it further your business’ commitment to sustainability by enabling you to access cleaner energy, it will also save you money on electricity. New Southern Energy offers two approaches to the financing aspect of a solar solution

DCI Direct Capital investment

The direct capital investment option gives you the opportunity to invest in a solar system that becomes an asset to your business. By financing your own system, you
canadd value to your asset registry and property. Additionally, the system will enable you to benefit from direct savings on your electricity.

Finance can be applied for through banking institutions. As an approved vendor with all major banks, we have financed systems for clients through banking institutions and can also assist with facilitating this process if required.
Alternately, you may choose to invest in your own system.

Once the system’s construction has been completed, the maintenance, repairs and cleaning become your responsibility as the system will be owned by you. Please also see our maintenance packages here (insert link) should you prefer for New Southern Energy to manage his aspect.

Your business will enjoy a significant return on investment as soon as the system starts producing energy. Solar energy plants continue to produce power long after the investment has been amortized, which enables the system tocontribute to the profitability of your business.

PPA Power Purchase Agreement

The Power Purchase Agreement option enables you to enter an agreement with New Southern Energy for a solar plant to be constructed on your site, without having to finance the construction of system. With this approach, we finance the system on the basis of a power purchasing agreement being entered into for a fixed period of time, which is typically twenty years

Instead of financing the development of the system, you will be invoiced monthly for the energy the system produces.

While the energy produced by this system will supplement the electricity your business consumes (and not supply 100% of your energy needs), the solar energy supplied will be cheaper than one’scurrent electricity supplier. This approach enables you to circumvent the investment required to finance a solar plant as well as any associated ownership risk and protects you from unpredictable electricity price increases as the escalation rates are agreed upfront.

New Southern Energy becomes responsible for all maintenance, repairs,and cleaning of the system, to ensure optimal performance.

The Power Purchase Agreement option is available on application, and subject to a due diligence process. This approach typically becomes feasible for systems of 200 KW and above, but please contact our business development team should you wish to discuss the viability of this solution for your business