Engineering, Procurement and Construction

New Southern Energy holds over a decade of experience building bespoke solar solutions across various industries across Africa. We have installed over 50 MW across Africa and continue to deploy commercial and industrial systems.

Our installations are constructed to the highest standards so that they can operate optimally and achieve the modelled yield over the project lifecycle. NSE’s solar solutions are built with a long-term view to ensure maximum efficiency. Accordingly, we place a strong focus on the maintenance of the plant during construction. Solar systems must be easy to access, manage and service to ensure maximum long-term performance.
Our project managers and engineers are quick to react to anything that was not identified during the design phase and well equipped to manage unforeseen circumstances on site. While they will ensure that attention to detail is applied to the highest standards of construction, they will also keep you updated regarding the construction process. Our aim is to minimize disruption on your site and accommodate any site-specific requirements that you may have.