Creative Ways To Harness The Suns Power in Your Home

Solar power is not only a cheaper alternative to conventional electricity but it also benefits the planet in more ways than one. However you have to spend a little money to save money in the long term.

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels aren’t the only way that you can use solar power at home to help you protect the planet and cut energy costs, there are many other options for those who want an alternative route. As technology advances, we are seeing more innovative uses for solar power that are now becoming mainstream and commonplace.

Let’s face it, solar panels on your roof isn’t the prettiest sight. So aren’t you glad that there are alternate ways of using solar power? See few other options below.

  1. Solar Water Heater

Solar energy is clean and efficient; its source is unlimited sunlight and it emits nothing when converted to energy, unlike conventional electricity. Solar water heaters are basically boxes that are topped by a sheet of transparent glass. Sunlight is let in and a certain amount of the heat is prevented from escaping. The bottom of the box has a reflector that focuses sunlight on a metal tube that is positioned in the tank’s centre. The tube can be filled with water or antifreeze. Antifreeze transfers its heat to the water every time it’s recycled through the solar heater.

  1. Thermal Storage Tubes

Thought solar storage tubes could only be used in a greenhouse or garden? Think again, as they can actually be creatively used to warm a room or space in your home. The cylinders are usually tall and made of fiberglass, and they can easily be filled with water and placed where they receive maximum sunlight. In the daytime, the solar tubes absorb and diffuse solar energy. At night, stored energy can be released as heat to warm a room or section of your home.

  1. Tubular Skylights

These gems are perfect for lighting up small spaces. Cutting into your roof could possibly be the hardest part of installing skylights so best to leave this up to the professionals. The installation process requires that a light collector be attached onto the roof, which allows sunlight to pass through a reflective tube to a diffuser where light is distributed.

  1. Charge Your Electronics with Solar Power

You might be wondering how this is possible? Well it’s no surprise that we as human beings constantly need to charge our smartphone’s, tablet’s, or laptop’s. Luckily there are innovative products available on the market that uses solar power to charge electronics and for those products that take batteries, don’t despair as you can often find solar batteries if you search hard enough.

As you can see, solar power is much more than big roof panels. Thanks to the technology that’s available, there are a number of creative ways to use solar around your house. Like millions of other people, you simply have to open your mind to living in a cleaner and healthier world. After all, the pros of solar power vastly outweigh the cons. So try these alternate methods to save the planet and some money.