Commercial solar panel systems, the benefits

A few examples of successful commercial solar panel systems

An increasing number of companies are turning to solar for their energy needs. Not only is this approach better for the environment than traditional power, but commercial solar panel systems enable long-term savings. That’s correct. Commercial solar panel systems continue to generate electricity for years after their costs have been amortized.

Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy using Photovoltaic (PV) panels. Along with wind and hydropower, solar power is renewable. Commercial solar panel systems are a valuable contributor to a company’s commitment to sustainability. Additionally, they provide a buffer when electricity supply is disrupted.

Commercial solar panel systems

Commercial solar panel systems, grid-tied vs off-grid

Most commercial solar panel systems are custom built to suit the property or company’s requirements. This is because each site has a different layout and different resources. Therefore, it is best to assess your needs and options before finalizing this aspect of your system.

In short, a grid tied system is connected to the national electrical grid. While electricity can be created when the sun shines, excess energy is fed back to the grid. This increases the overall energy supply in the area. The site can also draw power from the grid at night, or when the solar system does not produce enough power.

Off-grid commercial solar panel systems are not connected to the electricity grid. Hence, they require battery storage. These systems must be designed correctly in order to generate enough power throughout the year. Importantly, they must have the necessary battery capacity to meet the location’s electrical energy requirements.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. It is worth doing a thorough assessment and checking your options prior to making a decision.

Commercial solar panel systems, a few examples

New Southern Energy has designed and produced many commercial solar panel systems. These systems enable their respective owners to derive the many benefits of solar.

Herewith a few examples:

GABS Multimech

Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) is Cape Town’s largest bus company, transporting thousands of people to work and back daily. After installing a solar panel system at its Multimech, central engineering complex, the 159-year-old company has established itself as a champion of sustainable energy use. The company has had a zero-energy bill since January 2020. Additionally, it is now a net producer of green energy as it uses only 46% of the energy it produces. The balance is exported to the city of Cape Town.

Joubert en Seuns

Joubert en Seuns is a well-established farming operation based in Mpumalanga. They export in excess of 9 000 tons of fresh produce to the northern hemisphere each year. Additional to the citrus farming business, Joubert en Seuns operate a popular farm stall on the arterial road connecting Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

The grid-tied solar system that New Southern Energy built for this site is housed on both the warehouse and farmstall roofs, providing maximum visibility from the road. More importantly, the system enables Joubert en Seuns an approximate 55% saving on their energy bill.


The luxurious Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is situated within the &BEYOND Sossusvlei Private Desert Reserve, a vast expanse of land in Namibia. In 2019, the property underwent a complete renovation. New Southern Energy installed one of its bespoke commercial solar panel systems for this property that sought sophisticated sustainability.

The system includes over six hundred solar panels as well as Tesla batteries. The batteries store energy and supply the grid at night. Furthermore, generators were incorporated to assist in cloudy weather conditions and during the evenings.

These are merely a few examples of commercial solar panel systems that have been tremendously beneficial to their owners. Solar is the way of the future. It will increase your independence, protect you from rising energy costs and enable you to invest the savings elsewhere.