Why is solar clean energy so important for the environment?

Solar Clean energy is energy that does not pollute the atmosphere and is kind to the environment. It is energy that does not release greenhouse gases which affect global warming. This is why it is so important for the environment.

Benefits of solar clean energy

Energy that is pollution-free and is produced from renewable resources is also naturally replenished and virtually inexhaustible.



Environmental benefits

  • It does not emit carbon dioxide, mercury, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide or particulate matter into the air, water or soil
  • Clean energy does not damage the land like fossil-fuel extraction
  • It is made from unlimited renewable sources
  • The many forms of renewable energy use little to no water
  • Finally, it helps preserve and protect the environment for future generations

Economic benefits


The effects of solar clean energy on agriculture

In Africa, there are rural areas that are impoverished. Sometimes agriculture makes up a large percent of the labour force and exports. With so many people reliant on making an income from their crops, global warming threatens the wellbeing of many communities.

This makes solar clean energy so vitally important.

More countries around the world are constructing solar farms as it’s extremely cost effective. The numbers of solar panel installations continue to grow as the world is becoming more environmentally conscious.

Thanks to solar technology the poorest and most remote parts of Africa are using the power of the sun to their advantage. African farmers are benefiting from irrigation systems which help fight the effects of climate change.


Everyone benefits on the path to solar clean energy as long as we all work together. Support of renewables, or even using them in your home, can help fast track the transition toward a cleaner future for South Africa