Why you should choose the right solar energy company

Why you should choose the right solar energy company is important for a number of reasons. One of which is making your journey to solar energy simpler. Solar panels are a long term investment and the installation can be pricey. In order to do it correctly the first time, proper research does need to be done beforehand.

When choosing a solar energy company, it is worthwhile to follow these steps:

  • Research the solar companies in your area
  • Evaluate each companies pros and cons as well as the type of company they are
  • Check the company credentials
  • Read all reviews and if possible, get referrals
  • Review the company’s financial credentials
  • Request a quote

solar panels company meeting

What to look for in a solar energy company
According to bestcompany.com , 5 key things to look for in a solar energy company include:

  • Time in the industry
  • Solar panels and their quality
  • Payment options
  • Warranties
  • Reviews

New Southern Energy – We Make Solar Simple

New Southern Energy (NSE) is one of South African’s leading solar energy company. NSE offers a full-service renewable energy support for various projects throughout Africa. We believe that renewable energy is a key resource in providing power to the African continent.

At NSE, complete turnkey services are provided which include assessment, design, supply, financing, implementation and ongoing maintenance of renewable energy projects. NSE is able to provide impartial energy advice to both the public and private sector.

With extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, the NSE team is equipped with both technical and professional skills required to implement energy projects across Africa. Services include both consultation and financing, which means that NSE is able to offer the full spectrum of services and skills that are required to implement best in class energy projects.

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