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Solar energy, an A – Z The basic terms relating to solar energy ( Part 1 )

Solar energy, an A – Z  – Part 1 Solar energy is rapidly increasing in use, proving a cleaner alterative to fossil fuel-based power. However, many people still feel that they need to understand it better. We have put together a short A – Z, covering some of the main concepts related to solar energy


Transparent solar panels – future or fiction?

Are transparent solar panels the way forward? If you heard the phrase transparent solar panels, you would not be alone questioning whether these are too good to be true. However, with new technologies developing exponentially in today’s times, nothing should be dismissed immediately. University researchers in USA have been working on the technology that would


Types of solar panels

A brief overview of the types of solar panels available today Solar energy is top of mind across Africa at the moment as the continent shifts towards renewable energy. Solar power is one of the most pervasive and accessible forms of clean energy. Many business and homes are able to leverage this energy source that


Solar tracking systems, a rising trend

What you need to know about solar tracking systems The best commercial and industrial solar systems are custom designed to meet the needs of your business and make best use of the land or roof space that you have available. New Southern Energy conducts a thorough assessment and careful development prior to designing a new


Community solar – your questions answered

A brief explanation of community solar What is community solar? As much as it would be great to have solar panels on every single roof in the country or in every open land space next to industrial buildings, in reality, that is unfortunately not possible. However, in some countries overseas, such as America, a new


Solar technology – new developments

A short overview of new developments in solar technology In the last twenty years, there has been an exponential increase in the use of solar energy across Africa. Almost every sector in trade and industry has started exploring the use of solar technology in their business with many organisations already reaping the benefits. Not only


Is solar worth it? A good question

What to consider if you are wondering is solar worth it Like any major investment, installing a solar energy system is a big decision, one that is deserves careful consideration. But, as the cost of solar continues to decline and the national grid continues to be somewhat shaky, the decision to go with solar over


Bifacial Solar Modules – an upward trend

What are bifacial solar modules & how do they work? Bifacial solar module – what is it? A bifacial solar cell is a photovoltaic solar cell  that can produce electrical energy when illuminated on both its surfaces, front or rear. The traditional monofacial solar cells only produce energy when photons impinge on their front side.

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Depth of discharge & why this matters

What depth of discharge means for your battery and why this is important Batteries are becoming a popular add-on to solar systems thanks to the extra benefits they add. Batteries offer backup power benefits when the grid goes down or at night. They complete the cycle in off-grid systems, and improve solar economics in grid

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