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Why is solar clean energy so important for the environment?

Solar Clean energy is energy that does not pollute the atmosphere and is kind to the environment. It is energy that does not release greenhouse gases which affect global warming. This is why it is so important for the environment. Benefits of solar clean energy Energy that is pollution-free and is produced from renewable resources


3 Reasons why Farms should convert to Alternative Energy

Using alternative energy sources, farms can become more self sufficient The combination between farming and alternative energy is win-win. Wind, solar, and biomass energy and other forms of energy can be harvested forever. These provide farmers with not only a long-term source of income but an efficient way of running their farms. Renewable energy, or


Solar Farms and Floating Solar Farms

Solar Farms vs Floating Solar Farms Solar Farms are definitely not uncommon but with a ground breaking state of the art floating Solar farm, renewable energy has become much more attainable for many communities. A solar farm, firstly, is essentially a large expanse of land, and is home to large numbers of solar panels or


What is a Solar Farm and how does it operate?

What is a Solar Farm? With the rapid growth in the solar powered industry, solar farms are becoming increasingly popular. A Solar Farm is essentially large expanses of land, and are home to large numbers of solar panels or a collection of photovoltaic (PV) panels. There is however no official number of solar panels that


How Solar Power is Bringing Food Security to Africa

Solar power has the ability to transform the world’s energy supply More countries around the world are constructing solar farms as it’s extremely cost effective. In 2015 the International Energy Agency released figures showing that half a million solar panels were installed every day around the globe. The numbers of solar panel installations continue to

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