Benefits of Solar Energy

The overall increase in energy costs has led many to find alternative fuel sources. With Many options, nowadays such as wind, hydropower and solar, the solar among all is one of the fastest growing sources. The main reasons why many people invest in solar energy are to heat the water and/or generate electricity for the basic appliances used in the facilities. However, there is much more. Here are some solar energy benefits that you can also take advantage of by installing a power plant in your facilities:

Solar Power Trend

We’ve all heard about it before and now we can agree the trend is inevitable. As you might have realized, several businesses are moving to solar energy as their ideal source of power. More specifically, the use of LED lighting and PV lighting have significantly gained grounds in the recent past. Those who have tried them out know that it’s not by coincidence or default that the imminent migration to these renewable energy resources is taking place. There are a magnitude of indisputable benefits that come with the use of this source of renewable energy, especially for the hospitality industry which heavily requires clean and reliable energy resources.

LED Lighting

For starters, LED lights consume up to 85% less energy as compared to traditional lighting options. Low energy consumption implies low expenditures on energy costs. As such, you will be saving close to 85% of money you would have otherwise spent were you to opt for traditional energy options. In addition, the low rate of energy consumption evident in this renewable energy solar energy also favors the environment. A very durable option, the average LED light lasts up to ten solid years, saving exponentially on replacement costs that you may have otherwise incurred by opting for non-renewable energy resources.

Safer Lighting

In addition to saving costs, LED lights are also safer for businesses, especially for those in the hospitality industry. For one, LED lights emit low volts (12-24), making it an unarguably safer energy option. At this rate of emission, it poses low fire risks as compared to bulbs and neon lighting which are associated with high voltage emissions and thus increased fire risk. Furthermore, they don’t emit ultraviolet and infrared radiations which are quite harmful to human health. Powering your business with LED lighting ensures that you put a safe distance between yourself and the inevitable health risks posed by UV rays. The other benefit that comes with the usage of this lighting option is its extremely easy maintenance. All you need is occasional wiping, about once every three months. The use of this energy option is also cheaper in the long run; after the initial cost of purchase, there are minimal, if any, further expenditures involved.

PV Lighting

Aside from LED lighting, photovoltaic (PV) lighting is the other solar energy option with immense benefits for businesses in the hospitality industry. The occasional maintenance cost of solar panels used to generate energy is very low. Also, there are no movable parts involved that might occasionally require replacements. As such, you stand to save an exorbitant amount of money which can be used for wiser and necessary investments in the business. This lighting option also provides clean and reliable lighting services that are needed in most hospitality businesses where hygiene is paramount, making it environmentally friendly and therefore a good choice of energy source if you are out to go green and conserve the available resources. PV lighting also keeps you off from consistent power bills that are evident with the other options of lighting. It only requires charging which is perfectly done in the presence of sun light. With this, you are sure to distance yourself from monthly expenditures in the name of electricity bills.