A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Panels

Effects of Shading and Considerations before Installing Them

To reduce the possibility of shading and maximize your system, careful planning must be made.

A number of the people have the misconception that solar panels don’t work properly unless they’re under direct sunshine. They assume that they don’t work at all under shade. The fact is that it is not completely true. Modern solar panels can efficiently work well in poor light conditions and understanding the impact of shading on solar panels is important.
How Shading Affects Solar Panels? 
Reduces Their Effectiveness 
Solar panels are made up of individual solar cells grid. If any of the individual solar cells is covered by shade, it will stop working, whilst others will be functional. Thus, if 30 percent of a panel’s solar cells are in the shade, the entire panel will generate less power. The amount less will depend on the type of panel and where the shading actually occurs.

In simple words, shading reduces the productivity of a panel. If you can’t avoid shade then you should consider using thin-film or uni-solar panels, as they are more tolerant to shade and are able to continue producing power in low light.
Important Considerations When Placing Solar Panels 

The location is the key factor that one needs to consider before placing the solar panels. This includes the physical layout and geographical location of the area. It’s always better to use analytical tools when deciding upon the location. This tool allows the individuals to determine the suitability of the area for solar panel placement.
The physical layout considers a number of variables that affect the performance and viability of a solar system. For example, shaded areas must be avoided, whereas sun facing roof’s are ideal for capturing sunlight. In case if a house that isn’t perfectly positioned, or its roof is shaded partly by the trees, a ground mounted models can be considered instead of roof based system if sufficient space is available.
Choosing the Right Solar System
It’s very important to choose the right solar system in order to ensure best returns for your investment. It can seem a daunting task to an average homeowner, as there are many variables that need to be carefully considered. Also, it isn’t easy to choose the right solar panel from the wide selection currently available on the market. One of the easiest ways to make the right choice is to make use of a reliable installer to guide you through the plethora of choices and combinations of possible systems and components. This will ensure the best financial returns on your investment.