A brief look at Sustainable and Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy, energy that is renewable for many years.

The public have been using fossil fuels such as coal and gas for energy, except now sources of fossil fuels are running out – plus they create pollution when they are burned. Businesses are beginning to realize why we need to find sources of renewable energy. These types of sources include solar, wind and marine energy. Magnetic power.

John uses a well-known source of renewable energy, solar energy. Everyday John’s business understands that the sun generates a vast amount of energy and that sunlight can be utilized and converted into electricity using various technologies. John than absorbs it into solar collectors. These are the heat-absorbing panels that you see on many rooftops. The way these work on John’s business is that they absorb solar energy and convert it to heat energy. Water is warmed by the heat energy and stored in tanks. Solar collectors are used to heating the water in his business, and they are also often used to heat his swimming pool in his house. Both methods take advantage of the same technologies and John saves vast amounts of money at the end of the year.

In the same street, Carey’s business uses wind power, another form of the primary sources of renewable energy. The energy contained in the wind comes indirectly from the sun; that is the sun heats the surface of the atmosphere and causes the wind to blow. Wind power is preferable for Carey’s Salon as to the use of fossil fuels because, it does not generate any greenhouse gases and it is an abundant resource.

Using water for energy is relatively a new idea, and there is no commercial wave energy devices on the market at the moment. However, there is some technology that is being used and trialled. More and more technologies are being developed all the time.

Geothermal energy is another source of renewable energy. The easiest way to take advantage of geothermal energy is by salt water and steam that is trapped in the many layers of rock underneath the earth’s core. Natural hot springs are the most popularized form of geothermal energy that has been used in the last few centuries. However, geothermal heat pumps are the new “it” energy product. Although geothermal energy is sustainable, it is not readily available. This is because not everybody lives by a geothermal reservoir and that often the technology is far too expensive. It is nice we have the options of wind and solar included.