5 Myths on renewable energy

Renewable energy is made up of, wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy. Myths about these sources of energy influence our understanding and perceptions around how well they actually work. Five popular myths around these energy sources are constantly arising.

1. Renewable Energy is heavy in your pocket.
When it comes to paying for renewable energy, up-front payment is usually the first option, for either private customers or well-recognised companies. Now that might be enough to change your mind on renewable energy altogether. But think of it this way that up-front payment will soon decrease your month to month electricity bills, as the demand for renewable energy increases, those up-front payments will slowly but surely start to diminish. This, however, is not the only way to go, New Southern Energy prides itself in providing a multitude of options for going off-grid or implementing a grid-tied solution. Basically, finance is available

2. Renewable energy is still premature.
For hundreds of years, natural resources such as sunlight, water, and the wind have been used to provide energy using devices such as windmills and water wheels. As the years went by technology enhanced these basic techniques to provide providing more efficient solutions means of harnessing wind and solar energy. The demand for renewables is growing, it is a hot topic in almost all corners of the globe. Yet even though renewable energy is in high demand today, it does not mean it is not yet established (as so often new technology is in high demand when it is new) Society as a whole sometimes needs time to fully embrace a technology, even though it has been around for a while and is, in fact, the only real way to go into the future.

3. Renewable energy is undependable
It is not likely to experience a sunny day or heavy gusts of wind on a daily basis, the weather is unpredictable and seasons change. This might seem troubling to a potential consumer, but technology is changing and improving at a rapid rate. Equipment has been designed to store enough sunlight in order to provide energy during the night and on a rainy day. It is more than equip to harness enough wind and continue to power proficiently.

4. It Doesn’t Create Much Power
Although renewable energy as yet cannot completely replace fossil fuel or nuclear energy, it is used by a significant amount of countries around the world, for example, Costa Rica. This means that as a number of countries using renewable energy grows, so does their role in the global market.

5. It’s Inefficient
The technical equipment allows the energy to be kept, backed up, and distributed over a certain amount of time. Once the initial device is up and running, you can produce stable levels of energy as the time goes on without including resources the way non-renewable sources does. Later on, renewable sources will become more proficient than other sources of energy.

Wrap up.
Although many people have their doubts about using renewable energy that does not stray away from the fact that it is a more environmentally friendly way to power up our houses and businesses.